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Mindfulness programmes

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With stress-related absence on the rise and a working culture which is dominated by technology, employers are seeking meaningful ways to improve mental health in the workplace. Enter mindfulness.

The benefits of incorporating mindfulness in the workplace can be vast but the primary aim is to improve the wellbeing of employees and cultivate a workplace that is happy, healthy and productive.

We deliver 8-week MBSR (mindfulness-based stress reduction) and MBCT (mindfulness-based cognitive therapy) programmes, which consist of eight 90-minute sessions teaching mindful meditation practice by qualified mindfulness teachers.
Focusing on stress management and emotional intelligence, attendees will gain an understanding of mindful living and formal meditation practices through exercises in class and tasks set throughout the week. They will also explore how meditation can make you a more effective communicator as well as improving self-awareness and self-confidence.
We explore the muscle that is your mind and how cultivating and training this muscle can result in huge benefits in terms of focus, creativity and mental clarity. All sessions include guided meditation practices as well as group discussions. The programme is suitable for those who are completely new to mindfulness and meditation as well as more experienced practitioners.
Businesses who have run mindfulness programmes have seen measurable improvements in creative problem-solving, energy levels and stress management. This results in fewer staff sick days, increased productivity and a generally more satisfied work force.

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