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The Psychology of Magic in Business with Jake Banfield


Jake Banfield is a magician, writer and entrepreneur. He’s combined his passions for magic and business and uses his specialist skills to captivate audiences all over the world. Jake has a first class honours degree in Business Management and is the co-author of The First Class Formula.

Jake creates tailor-made workshops and experiences for top companies in the UK and beyond where he delivers a talk, a live performance, a Q&A and an interactive magic workshop.

“Jake’s workshop was excellent. He managed to make it relevant to our industry whilst also entertaining the team. We learnt some real takeaway tips for our business as well as having great fun with the magic. Jake is charming, funny and personable & I would definitely re-book him.”

Kelly, HR Manager at Accenture

The workshops and talks cover the following subjects:

Selling the impossible

It’s a magician’s job to sell the impossible. They walk up to a group of strangers, tell them up front that they’re going to fool them and then proceed to do so. Jake discusses how the honesty and authenticity of a magician are powerful ‘sales’ tools, which can be applied to your business.

Finding a reason

Why the biggest secret of magic isn’t how the trick is done, but why. And the same applies to your company.

Directing Focus

A magician is able to (mis)direct an audience’s attention during a trick to remember the parts that are most important to the final effect. These techniques can be applied to business, to ensure your customers and clients focus on your strengths.

Magic & Marketing

Good magic should leave the audience with only one explanation, that what they just witnessed is impossible and therefore must be magic. Your marketing campaign should have the same goal, to communicate that the unique combination of brand, quality and service that your company offers is the only solution.

The team development workshop will cover:

  • Putting the techniques discussed into practice.
  • Building rapport.
  • Looking at group dynamics when networking.
  • Talking and performing in front of a group of people.
  • Learning some basic magic tricks.

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This workshop involves:

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