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The Future of Work with Philip Ross

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Philip Ross is the founder and CEO of He’s a speaker, author, advisor and commentator, specialising in the future of work.

With a focus on people and behaviours, he predicts the way that new trends and forces such as emerging technology will shape how we work, live, shop, learn and enjoy leisure. He’s written a number of books on the future of cities, work and the workplace including The Creative OfficeThe 21st Century Office and Space to Work and has advised major corporations across the globe.

The Future of Work workshops focus on catalysing innovation around the ‘new world of work’. Philip helps boards and partnerships understand the business case for new ways of working and learn from early innovators through case studies and benchmarking, offering unparelled global knowledge, case studies, ideas and visions of the future.

Some of the key drivers of change include expectations of future generations and how to adapt work to attract and retain talent, customer experiences and journeys, collaboration and interaction and a focus on performance and engagement. Philip’s packs inspire, providing images and ideas as well as benchmarking data and the ability to learn from the success of others – from cost reduction in property to new concepts such as workplace as a service (WaaS), mobility and co-work.

Presentations are focused on catalysing change and leadership development while his interactive workshops focus on the key forces that are reshaping the world of work, with a particular look at emerging technology from new devices to the Internet of Things (IoT). Philip adapts these new concepts specifically to suit your company and works with attendees to develop strategies and ideas to help you progress in our fast-changing world.

Philip focuses the leadership workshops on these key areas:

Agile working – meeting new business imperatives – new types of work
Activity Based Clustering (ABC)
Expectations of the next generation, demographics and profiling people
New Technology
Cost: real estate overhead
Operational efficiency: cost in use – churn costs and downtime
People and Productivity: collaboration, co-creation and future communications
Insight and innovation
Language and behaviours – ‘speaking digital’
Case Studies from ‘early adopters’

Philip also offers bite-size lunchtime seminars on the Future of Work

“Thank you so much on behalf of all my colleagues at the recent Chairman’s strategic Forum, for giving us such an impressive and stimulating contribution.”

David Fawcitt, Head of Leadership Development, HSBC

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