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Personalised Yoga Workshop & Surgery with Saskia Vidler

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What is yoga? Why do we do it and what can it do for our minds and bodies? Saskia Vidler is one of the most experienced and well-revered yoga teachers in the UK.

In this two-part wellbeing workshop designed especially for corporate firms, Saskia breaks down the practice of yoga and introduces it into everyday life.

The first part of the workshop is based around the understanding of the practice and its benefits, looking specifically at the breath and the body and how the two come together for a successful practice. We explore the idea of being in the present moment and how this can transform your way of living. Targeting stress release, the wellbeing workshops are designed to teach techniques, which relieve stress and can be practiced in times of tension or immense pressure. The second part of the workshop teaches practical techniques to develop a home or office practice. Putting into practice everything learned in the first session, students will learn basic poses and how to tie these in with the breath.

Yoga surgery

Saskia works personally with each employee on developing an individual practice targeting problem areas, be they physical, mental or emotional. Based on the requirements of the specific clients, Saskia spends 30-40 minutes with each individual, tackling areas such as back pain, high blood pressure, stress relief and bad posture.

Particularly effective for CEOs and top management level staff with limited time and high-pressure roles.

With a background in the corporate industry Saskia Vidler has been a yoga practitioner for seventeen years and a teacher for over ten years, spending several years in India, learning and understand the practice. Her unique ability to unpick a physical body with her eyes and accordingly mould a student’s body around the postures with adept adjustments is her gift for each student individually.

The emphasis is on breaking through limiting patterns, be it mental, physical or emotional so that realignment, healthy body/mind mechanics and relationship awareness of breath may be achieved. Her approach is rooted in the tradition of tailoring the practice to each practitioner, whether privately or in a group, offering techniques to address the denser areas of the body and ways to work intelligently to support the healing of injuries or ailments.

She teaches yoga at some of the top private members & health clubs in London and she counts various celebrities and top global CEOs among her clientele.

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