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Mastering Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace with Tazeen Ahmad


Authenticity, emotional intelligence & vulnerability are essential when nailing negotiations, building strong connections, managing tricky scenarios, persuading and convincing reluctant partnerships, building teams and creating influential leadership: in other words, the most vital ingredients for thriving at work.

But for too long we have measured success and potential in the workplace by IQ, creating workplace personas that don’t reflect our true personalities and shutting off qualities that could actually help us achieve greater success in the work we do.

Tapping more consciously into our social and emotional intelligence and using the full spectrum of emotions gives us a chance to perform at a more sophisticated level at work and utilise skills we often under-rate or ignore; gut instinct, intuition, sensitivity, empathy, analysis, reflection and decision-making. Accessing this natural skill-set can help us work better in teams and as leaders, teaching us a way of embracing individuality in a world that so often rejects it.

Yet how do we show or channel any of that when work often requires us to hide our real selves? We put up an inauthentic front in order to manage the often brutal world of business, which goes against our base human instincts. ‎We pretend to know the answers to everything, we fake knowledge on a regular basis and we park our true selves at the door. The more emotionally intelligent we are, the more efficiently we can perform, and the more satisfaction we can find in our choices and our jobs.

Attendees will walk away with a set of tools to help them be more emotionally-smart at work, ‎demonstrating the right kind of vulnerability, understanding their own behaviours and responses and using your intuition, empathy and thoughtful analysis to be more powerful, assertive, confident and authentic in everyday working environments.

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