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Happiness & Motivation

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Today we have more opportunities than ever before; more access to information, more possessions, more opportunity to travel, more ways to communicate with each other, but still happiness seems to elude us.

In this workshop we use a scientific approach to look at how we can bring more happiness into our lives and increase our motivation, so we can live lives where we are thriving and flourishing, both at work and beyond.

In the workshop, we’ll cover:

Happiness; what’s it for and why is it important?
The four happiness hormones and how they affect us
The eight happiness essentials: pleasure, growth, relationships, mindset, fulfilment, contribution, health & play
Designing happiness by changing our habits
Motivation: finding your why
Motivation 3.0; a new theory on motivation
Intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation

Happiness is not merely the absence of sadness. It is a state where feelings of joy and contentment are frequently experienced. But all too often we fall into the traps of squandering our time and engaging in behaviours which make it hard to lead a happy, fulfilled life. Through a combination of science-backed techniques and self-assessment, we teach attendees how to achieve more happiness in their lives and bust some commonly held myths around happiness.

Workshop duration: 1 hour / 90 minutes

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This workshop involves:

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