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Future Forecasting & Transformational Strategy with Rohit Talwar

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Rohit Talwar is an award winning global futurist, entrepreneur and specialist advisor on business transformation, disruptive strategies and radical innovation.

He was nominated as one of the top ten global future thinkers by the UK’s Independent newspaper and regularly comments on the future and innovation for major international news networks.

He delivers workshops and seminars, creating transformational strategies for global corporations, working with them to integrate powerful new concepts and create the future design for their organisations. He’s worked with top-level executives in companies such as HSBC, Marks & Spencer, American Express, Pfizer, DEFRA, Microsoft, Nokia and Deloitte.

His leadership workshops cover the following elements:

Reinventing the present – Helping clients determine how to transform their strategy, products and services and create the future design for their organisation.

Envisioning the future – Helping clients create transformative future visions and organisational models.

Investing in disruption – Helping clients spot, invest in and nurture disruptive new ventures and developments that could transform their business.

Total Transformation – Advising global professional services firms on how to reinvent their strategies, business models, ways of working, cultures and mindset in order to survive and thrive in an era of disruptive change.

Emerging global landscapes; Future global economic, political, social, environmental and business scenarios.

Emerging Technologies: How advances in science and technology could transform society, business and the human brain and body.

Empires of Tomorrow – Emerging industries and their implications for individuals, society, business, government and the future of work, employment and professions.

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This workshop involves:

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