Workplace Wellbeing Workshops in London

Rush Talent Collective is passionate in the pursuit of well-being strategies that make a difference to health and happiness at work. Wellbeing is at the heart of what we do because we believe it delivers individual and collective results and can make a tangible difference to the success of your business.

Mental health-related absence is up, and productivity is down. Our minds and bodies are suffering. The increasing demand to be constantly connected, the mounting pressures of our working lives and our device-led culture are all resulting in poorer performance and greater losses for businesses. We want to help your employees live balanced and happy lives and therefore deliver better results.

Well-beingIt’s been proven time, and time again, that happy, healthy employees are more productive and achieve more. That’s why our employee wellbeing workshops and programmes focus on resilience, stress management, emotional intelligence, engagement, nutrition, movement, cultivating happiness, motivation, mindfulness, mental health and creating a positive workplace culture.

We understand that the wellness and development of your employees is vital in maintaining the health and strength of any company. Our experts can help you get the best out of your team, helping businesses close the gap between being good and being outstanding.

Our mission is to leave your company in a better position by making it a healthier, happier workplace, with employees who are fulfilled and engaged. The end goal of our programmes is to reduce mental-health related sickness leave, overall sickness leave and staff turnover.

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