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Wednesday 5th April 2017


We’re thrilled to announce we’ll be holding our first public event on Saturday 20th May 2017, together with our training partner EQ Matters. That’s right, you now have the chance to experience the amazing workshops we offer in a one-day immersive experience. Buy your tickets here.


In need of some refreshment for your body and mind? Want to feel rejuvenated, rested but also inspired? Then look no further than this one-day booster in emotional intelligence and wellbeing. This event is the ultimate antidote to the trials and challenges of modern day life. Using a light touch but hard facts, some of the most engaging and thought-provoking speakers, teachers & consultants in the field of EQ and well-being will help you delve deep within yourself and take your mind off your everyday concerns. From meditation to our relationship with food and our bodies, from love to our social interactions and complex inner lives – we will stretch and revive you and leave you relaxed and ready to kick-start your life afresh.

More on our workshops:

Broadcaster, author and EQ & leadership coach Tazeen Ahmad on ‘Why Emotional Intelligence matters’

EQ is fast becoming a buzzword in our corporate environments. From self-awareness to understanding others, self-compassion to empathy, we’re told we can use it to become more influential & successful at work. But what does that mean? How do we know we have it and when to use it? This interactive talk will de-mystify the meaning of EQ and demonstrate how anyone can develop their own.

Relationship expert & writer Susan Quilliam on ‘Love in today’s world’

We live in times when finding love and then making it work has become one of our greatest challenges. From choosing a partner, maintaining a lasting relationship or letting go of love, none of it is anywhere near as easy as it once was. Through personal reflection and group discussion, you’ll learn how to find love and make it work and help it to fit wholeheartedly within your life.

Television agent & well-being practitioner Mel Hales on ‘An introduction to mindfulness’.

Being in the moment has never been so widely extolled yet so difficult to do. To an outsider, mindfulness meditation can appear steeped in mystery and difficult to learn. This introduction strips it bare to its basics and shows attendees simple easy-to-learn steps to help learn to clear their minds and improve their mental health.

Journalist, Coach & Performer John-Paul Flintoff on ‘Conversations that change everything’

Everything that matters in life revolves around conversation – it’s how we make sense of the world. Flintoff has been collecting stories about life-changing conversations. In this lively, interactive session he will explain how easy it is to come across these, to deepen our connections and, thus, to change your own life and those of others.

Conscious eating and flavour expert Meredith Whitely on ‘A new relationship with food ’

We need to eat to live; eating is an everyday necessity, but it should be a pleasure not a chore. The experience of relishing food is often lost due to our busy lives and unhealthy relationship with food. But the truth is that if we actually stopped to taste food properly and understand a little more about our own palates, we’d have nothing to gain but joy. With the use of some exciting flavour combinations, you will appreciate food as you have not done before and learn the benefits of eating with all your senses – and for pleasure.

Lifestyle Coach Raul Aparici & Marketing Director Luke Grima on ‘The hidden truth about you’

We all try to present our best selves to the world. Exhausting ourselves with social media accounts that showcase our “brand” while disguising our more un-savoury sides. But behind the scenes the truth is battling to get out. During this fun and enlightening session you’ll practice leveraging your authentic and sometimes darker sides in order to get to exactly what you want and need.

Yoga teacher Will Wheeler on ‘The life-changing power of yin-yoga’

We’ve all long known that the stretching and breathing elements of yoga can be life-altering. But yin yoga takes it to another level. Devotees say they have never felt so relaxed or emotionally at ease after just a single session. With a strong focus on mindfulness, this class will give you the chance to experience the power of this ancient practice, which has become the perfect antidote to our modern lives.


Our venue: The Lift Centre in Islington is a community interest venue which invests in disadvantaged youths from the area. All profits made by the venue by room hire for events like ours, gets invested back into their youth programme.

45 White Lion St, London N1 9PW

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