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Team Development Workshops

Team Development Workshops in London

We focus on creating dynamic and robust teams through a range of challenging and energising team development workshops and corporate team building activities.

Our expert input focuses on building trust, maintaining healthy relationships, creating a strong company culture and increasing loyalty, commitment and team coherence. An investment in your teams is an investment in your business.

Team DevelopmentTeams with a strong bond and open channels of communication tend to thrive in the workplace. We focus on building trust within your teams, enabling them to work creatively and share ideas to progress as a group.

We help you to tackle company politics, resolve disputes and harness negativity within teams. Instead we replace these with accountability, humility, responsibility, communication and collaboration. We help you build a purpose-driven culture where team-members work together to reflect the mission and achieve the objectives of the company.

Our corporate team building activities bridge the gap between work and play, offering unique learning and development experiences. From collective problem-solving to creating trust our team development workshops create environments where teams can flourish and grow.

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Corporate Team Building Activities


Mixology Masterclasses with Max Chater

Corporate Team Building Activities

Max Chater is a mixologist and drinks expert appearing regularly across various media channels, including programmes such as Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch an...


Writing for Business; Engaging & Persuading Through the Written Word with...


Robert Bullard is an experienced public speaker, copywriter and trainer in business writing skills, and worked previously as a feature writer for the Guard...


The Psychology of Magic in Business with Jake Banfield


Jake Banfield is a magician, writer and entrepreneur. He's combined his passions for magic and business and uses his specialist skills to captivate audienc...


Developing Creative Thinking Through Visual Arts with Nick Nelson


Nick Nelson is one of the most esteemed art history lecturers and teachers in the country. Nick is the director of Arcadia Education, the educative organi...


The Science of Flavour and Gastronomy with Rachel Edwards-Stuart


Dr Rachel Edwards-Stuart is a food and flavour scientist, specialising in the science of flavour perception, cooking and food and drink pairings. She's pro...