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Tuesday 4th December 2018

Keeping in good mental health during the festive season

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year….or is it? Christmas; an event that spans the best part of a month can be a wonderful time for many, but there...


Tuesday 9th October 2018

Why every business should have a mental health first aider

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This week we saw almost 200,000 signatures presented to the government to change the law to ensure that each business has a mental health first aider onsite...


Wednesday 13th June 2018

12 ideas to make your workplace wellbeing event a success

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Many companies are hosting wellbeing days or weeks to launch a wellness programme. This could be set up like a fair if you have the space with different sta...


Wednesday 13th June 2018

Live Well

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We know that mental and physical health are intrinsically linked and that if we eat well, move more and create some simple, healthy habits, we are much more lik...


Wednesday 13th June 2018

Stress Management

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Should we aim to eradicate stress or just deal with it differently? A certain amount of stress can motivate us, but too much stress can leave us feeling irritab...


Friday 8th June 2018

Mental health awareness for managers

Mental health illnesses are on the rise and chronic stress has become a common-place condition in the workplace. One in three doctors notes issued is now mental...