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Friday 8th June 2018

Mental health awareness for managers

Mental health illnesses are on the rise and chronic stress has become a common-place condition in the workplace. One in three doctors notes issued is now mental...


Monday 12th June 2017

MOTIVATION: How to help your people reclaim their mojo

Most businesses are run and operated by many people. Some tens, hundreds and even tens of thousands of individuals turn the cogs of the operating wheel that...


Tuesday 16th May 2017

Tazeen Ahmad

Tazeen Ahmad is a Bafta-nominated TV reporter, presenter and writer. She has worked across all the major broadcasters for the past 20 years including ITN, NBC...


Tuesday 16th May 2017

Leadership development programme

Our leadership training programme teaches your managers the essential tools to become effective leaders. The quality of your business relies on the quality of...


Monday 12th December 2016

Foozeball and free beer on a Friday? What millennials...

Millennials are a generation that baffle those born pre-1980. This snap-chatting, selfie-taking, drainpipe-wearing generation have technology interwoven int...


Wednesday 8th June 2016

How to Lead Like a Shakespearean King with Dominic Cooke

Leadership Training Courses

Once more unto the breach: How to Lead Like a Shakespearean King with Dominic Cooke 
Based on a his experience leading one of Britain’s key cultural organi...