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Philip Ross

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Philip Ross is the CEO of Unwork and Ungroup. He’s a speaker, author, advisor and commentator, specialising in the future of work.

With a focus on people and behaviours, he predicts the way that new trends and forces such as emerging technology will shape how we work, live, learn and enjoy leisure.

He’s worked with organisations such as Ernst & Young, Allen & Overy, GlaxoSmithKline, Cisco, McKinsey & Co, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Royal Bank of Scotland, Nokia and Ericsson on future concepts for work and the work place.

Philip has spoken at conferences around the world including the Wall Street Journal Europe CEO Forum on Converging Technologies, alt. office in the USA and Corenet’s Global Summits in Beijing, Orlando, Auckland and Melbourne. He regularly gives keynotes, presentations and runs thinktanks and workshops for organisations on the process of change. In 1994 he founded Cordless Group with the publication of The Cordless Office Report. He’s written a number of books on the future of cities, work and the workplace including The Creative Office, The 21st Century Office and Space to Work (all co-authored with Jeremy Myerson). He’s also contributed to a number of other books including the Corporate Fool and the Responsible Workplace. Philip often focuses on the collision between emerging technology and real estate, predicting how it’ll change patterns of behaviour and how we work, shop and consume leisure. He brings:

  • Unparalleled global knowledge of work/place innovation case studies, benefits and enablers, drivers and results – allowing knowledge sharing and benchmarking
  • Ideas and drivers of change, from the expectations of the next generation to successful strategies for implementing change
  • Future thinking on retail, transport and the city as emerging technology changes the rules
  • Technology enablers and drivers of change – a view of the key technologies that are being adopted by organisations to enable workplace innovations, together with a roadmap to allow future proofing