Corporate Workshops

Corporate Workshops

Our corporate workshops and training strategies are designed to inspire, challenge, educate, and stimulate.

Rush Talent Collective offers bespoke solutions; you won’t find cookie-cutter workshops or programmes here. From well-being strategies to developing a company culture, we help businesses become enduring establishments.

We understand that the well-being and development of your employees is vital in maintaining the health and strength of any company. Our goal is to help businesses close the gap between being good and being outstanding.

Here is a sample of some of the corporate workshops we deliver.

What We Do


Our Flagship Wellbeing Programme

Our flagship wellbeing programme is the answer to all your employee wellbeing needs. We take a holistic approach to wellness in the workplace, focusing on ...


Leadership development programme

Our leadership training programme teaches your managers the essential tools to become effective leaders. The quality of your business relies on the qua...


Resilience: learning to thrive in uncertain conditions

Resilience is the secret weapon which can help us overcome challenges and bounce back when we get knocked down. Life will inevitably throw curveballs at u...


The Big Breath Workshop

The Big Breath Company

Breathing is often taken for granted and seriously overlooked in the search for optimum physical, emotional and mental health. The big breath workshops al...


Mastering Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace with Tazeen Ahmad

Team Development Workshops

Authenticity, emotional intelligence & vulnerability are essential when nailing negotiations, building strong connections, managing tricky scenarios, p...


How to Lead Like a Shakespearean King with Dominic Cooke

Leadership Training Courses

Once more unto the breach: How to Lead Like a Shakespearean King with Dominic Cooke 
Based on a his experience leading one of Britain’s key cultural o...


New Generation Leadership with Nick Clench

Leadership Development Workshops

By 2020, 50% of the global workforce will be made up by Millennials. With personal development cited as the number one workplace benefit, it's vital that b...


Happiness in the Workplace with Samantha Clarke

Samantha has developed a robust approach to happiness in the workplace that involves and engages founders, leaders and teams in developing a sustainable cu...


Mixology Masterclasses with Max Chater

Corporate Team Building Activities

Max Chater is a mixologist and drinks expert appearing regularly across various media channels, including programmes such as Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch an...


Writing for Business; Engaging & Persuading Through the Written Word with...


Robert Bullard is an experienced public speaker, copywriter and trainer in business writing skills, and worked previously as a feature writer for the Guard...


The Psychology of Magic in Business with Jake Banfield


Jake Banfield is a magician, writer and entrepreneur. He's combined his passions for magic and business and uses his specialist skills to captivate audienc...


Technology and Future Trends with Greg Williams

Greg Williams

Greg Williams is the deputy editor of WIRED, the world's most authoritative and respected arbiter of what's coming next. He's a leading authority on techn...


Developing Creative Thinking Through Visual Arts with Nick Nelson


Nick Nelson is one of the most esteemed art history lecturers and teachers in the country. Nick is the director of Arcadia Education, the educative organi...


Mindfulness & Meditation in the Workplace

Janine Michele

With stress-related absence on the rise and a working culture which is dominated by technology, employers are seeking meaningful ways to improve mental hea...


Personalised Yoga Workshop & Surgery with Saskia Vidler

Saskia Vidler

What is yoga? Why do we do it and what can it do for our minds and bodies? Saskia Vidler is one of the most experienced and well-revered yoga teachers in t...

Global Businesses

The Future of Work with Philip Ross


Philip Ross is the founder and CEO of He's a speaker, author, advisor and commentator, specialising in the future of work. With a focus on peo...


The Science of Flavour and Gastronomy with Rachel Edwards-Stuart


Dr Rachel Edwards-Stuart is a food and flavour scientist, specialising in the science of flavour perception, cooking and food and drink pairings. She's pro...

Global Businesses

Future Forecasting & Transformational Strategy with Rohit Talwar


Rohit Talwar is an award winning global futurist, entrepreneur and specialist advisor on business transformation, disruptive strategies and radical innovat...