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Live Well

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We know that mental and physical health are intrinsically linked and that if we eat well, move more and create some simple, healthy habits, we are much more lik...


Stress Management

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Should we aim to eradicate stress or just deal with it differently? A certain amount of stress can motivate us, but too much stress can leave us feeling irritab...


Mental health awareness for managers

Mental health illnesses are on the rise and chronic stress has become a common-place condition in the workplace. One in three doctors notes issued is now mental...


Our Flagship Wellbeing Programme

Our flagship wellbeing programme is the answer to all your employee wellbeing needs. We take a holistic approach to wellness in the workplace, focusing on impro...


Mastering Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace with...

Team Development Workshops

Authenticity, emotional intelligence & vulnerability are essential when nailing negotiations, building strong connections, managing tricky scenarios, persua...


Happiness & Motivation

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Today we have more opportunities than ever before; more access to information, more possessions, more opportunity to travel, more ways to communicate with each ...