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Tuesday 22nd September 2015

Wellbeing at Work: Why it Matters

Janine Michele

Wellbeing at Work Inspired by one of the great female entrepreneurs of our time, I decided to write this blog as we're all becoming incre...

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Monday 10th August 2015

How team building activities ensure a more harmonious work...


Team Building is not a new concept for corporate companies. For a long time businesses have been assessing how best to create bonds betw...

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Monday 18th May 2015

Welcome to Rush Talent Corporate


Welcome to Rush Talent Corporate. For those of you who don’t know us, Rush is a talent agency, which represents a range of exceptional br...

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Sunday 17th May 2015

Finding a speaker


Finding the right speaker for your event How do you find the perfect speaker for your event? Someone who will engage, inspire and enterta...

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Saturday 25th April 2015

Well-being Workshops


It's no secret that well-being is becoming much more a part of corporate life than ever before. Companies such as The Huffington Post, Face...