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Bespoke Training Consultancy in London

Rush Talent Collective is a bespoke training consultancy in London providing innovative workshops and training strategies for businesses looking to gain an edge. We specialise in well-being, leadership and team development, designing bespoke training programmes that focus on the unique ambitions of each individual business that we encounter.

About Us

Rush Talent Collective was set up with the mission of revolutionising the world of training & development. Our solutions are multi-faceted which means we design programmes to best suit your organisation and performance goals. Our approach is dynamic and challenging; want to stay in your comfort zone? Our innovative workshops and training strategies probably aren’t for you. If you’re an organisation that wants to grow, thrive and be challenged, we would love to be a part of that journey with you.

How We Work:

We want to get under the skin of your business so we spend time getting to know you. Whether it’s a wellbeing strategy or a leadership training programme you’re after, we like to find out what your company’s mission is, why you do what you do and what makes up the fabric of your organisation. Then like a skilled seamstress, we assemble a programme which is perfectly aligned with this.

From our team of hand-selected trainers, we then pick the best trainer or team of experts to deliver your bespoke training programme or workshop. Each of them has been chosen for their unique expertise and contribution in their fields and we’re proud to call them part of the Rush Collective. They innovate, inspire, challenge and provoke change.

Who We Work With:

From leading fintech businesses to fledgling startups, each company we work with has one key thing in common; they focus on growth. They want to achieve, thrive and create a legacy of change within their industry.

We work with open-minded, forward-thinking business owners, leaders and teams who want to innovate and stay one step ahead. From start-ups to big businesses, our bespoke training consultancy understands that each organisation faces its own unique set of challenges, which is why everything we create is bespoke and tailored to your company, regardless of size, structure or industry.


Mel Crate – Director & Founder

Mel Crate is the founding director of Rush Collective.

Mel has worked in broadcasting as a talent manager for over ten years. She set up Rush Talent Broadcasting in March 2014, where she represents an eclectic range of factual and lifestyle TV presenters.

She founded Rush Talent Collective after almost a decade of working in high-pressure environments, where work/life balance and mental health were never treated as a priority. She experienced and witnessed high-stress levels, exhaustion and eventually burnout, which is when she came to the conclusion that looking after employee’s mental and physical health at work was the key to high performance and a thriving organisation.

After training in mindfulness Mel started to work with businesses and individuals to help improve mental health in the workplace and beyond. Mel wanted to change the way we thought about wellbeing in the workplace, from a nice-to-have add on to a critical part of learning and development. She is extremely passionate about the benefits and results of wellbeing programmes, on both the individual and the organisation.

She is trained in mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) and is currently training in mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT). She is also a mental health first-aider.

Mel has written articles on business and wellbeing for HR Magazine, Conference News and We are the City, among others. She enjoys practicing yoga, cooking and reading books on personal and professional development.

Who We’ve Worked With

who we've worked with

‘As part of our marketing team event, we needed high energy trainers to come in and motivate the team. Rush were fantastic at speaking with me to find out about our event, identifying the business objectives and then coming to me with recommendations for trainers – and the ones they identified were perfect. They did a great job of coordinating the trainers on the day and then following up with us afterwards to make sure everything went well. Mel was a pleasure to work with, professional and I would gladly work with Rush again’

Harjot, Intuit Software