Rush Talent Collective is a boutique training consultancy providing creative workshops and bespoke training programmes for businesses looking to gain an edge.

Creative Workshops and Bespoke Training Programmes

Through gathering intelligence and developing an in-depth understanding of your business, we create bespoke training programmes that will help your people thrive, achieve and innovate.

Specialising in the areas of wellbeing, leadership and team development, our training strategies deliver results through our creative workshops and sessions.

We help your teams and leaders become more productive, more efficient and produce better results by focusing on techniques developed to improve wellbeing and build better; communication, collaboration, confidence and resilience in the workplace.

Your people are your greatest asset; we want to help you develop them, nurture them and retain them. We start by reinforcing or laying the foundations for a healthy company culture, followed by teaching your employees skills that are going to help drive your company forward. It’s been proven time, and time again, happy, healthy employees are more productive and achieve more. That’s why our employee wellbeing programmes tackle areas such as stress, resilience, technology overload, energy levels, happiness, fulfilment, engagement and mental health problems.

We are results driven. Our mission is to leave your company in a better position by making it a healthier, happier workplace, with employees who are fulfilled and engaged. By the time our programmes are complete, we aim to have reduced employee sickness leave and staff turnover, which we track and measure throughout our working process.

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